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Cash Flow Solutions at Astra Bank

Cash Flow Solutions
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Cash Flow Issues Are Common for Small Business Owners – But There Is A Solution!

As a business owner, you know this all-too-familiar scenario… bills are due and you have a payroll coming up in a few days. You look at your bank account and realize that you don’t have enough cash to pay all of your bills. “Not again!” you say. There has to be a better way to manage your cashflow.

Well the “good news” here is first to realize that you’re not alone. Many business owners experience cash flow issues that not only negatively affect their business, but also impact their own personal well being (think stressful days and sleepless nights). One of the leading causes of poor cash flow is late-paying or slow-paying customers on your accounts receivable. On average, customers take 50 days to pay off their account. With a delay of almost two months, it’s no wonder your business may be having cash flow issues that can seriously affect your ability to be successful. But there is a solution!

Introducing Astra Business Solutions – Coming to Your Rescue

Astra Business Solutions (formerly National Billing), an affiliate of Astra Bank, can help you control your cash flow by financing and managing your receivables. For a small fee, Astra Business Solutions will purchase your receivables and advance you cash within 2-3 days. Astra Business Solutions will also manage your receivables – taking care of the everyday work, even sending out statements on your behalf to ensure you get paid. And, if necessary, they will even step in and contact customers that are past due. They’ll manage your receivables the way you want them managed (if you had limitless time, of course). That means money in the bank, better cash flow, and best of all - no more sleepless nights!

Get Started Today

Maybe this all sounds too good to be true but getting started is easy. If you’re not sure if Astra Business Solutions will work for you, we suggest you read what some of the current clients, in their own words, have to say about how NB has helped manage cashflow, and business owners’ sanity, with the solutions they offer.

Better yet, check out the following video testimonial.

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All of their customers are small business owners, just like you. Before Astra Business Solutions, they used to struggle with poor cash flow, but now that’s a thing of the past. Hop over to or give them a call today at (620) 564-3790 for a free consultation. We’d love to help you get your business back on the right track and excited to introduce Astra Business Solutions to all our valued business customers.