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New Ways to Pay

Now you can use Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay® with your debit card to pay quickly and conveniently at checkout in stores, online, and for in-app purchases.

Women Paying Using Phone

Pay In-Store Using Your Phone

Using near-field communication (NFC) technology, this feature allows you to pay in-store by holding your device over the payment reader.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Add your Astra Bank debit card to your digital wallet.
  2. Instead of using your physical card, you can pay with your smartphone, tablet, or smart watch.
  3. Look for the contactless pay symbol on the card reader when you pay.
  4. Hold your device near the card reader and wait for the transaction to finish.

Compatible with:

Man Ordering Food in App

In-App and Online

Use your digital wallet in your favorite apps and websites for a quick, efficient, and secure way to checkout. Simply look for the logo of your favored digital wallet at checkout.

Compatible with:

Safe and Secure

Digital wallets utilize a secure process called tokenization that replaces your sensitive debit card number with a non-sensitive digital token number. This means your card number is not stored on your device. If the token is compromised, your personal information is still safe. Additionally, your Astra Bank debit card is still covered by the same fraud protection as if you were to use the physical card.

How to Get Started

Download your preferred digital wallet and follow the instructions within the app to add your Astra Bank debit card.

Apple Pay® | Google Pay™ | Samsung Pay®

Learn More About Digital Wallets

Want to know more about how digital wallets work and how they can be beneficial to you? Read our article here. You can also watch our educational video below.

Apple Pay is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Google Pay is a trademark of Google LLC. Samsung Pay is a registered trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.