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Home Loan Tips


Home Loan Tips

When you're ready for a mortgage loan, you don't want to have to wait through a long application process. To help speed up the time it takes to prepare your application, here's a checklist of information you should bring with you when you meet with an Astra Bank loan officer to fill out your application:

  • Purchase agreement - legible, signed copy. Include copy of earnest money check if possible.
  • Paycheck stubs - covering the past 30 days. Must be typed or computer generated, and include your name or social security number, year-to-date earnings and employer's name.
  • W-2 Forms - from all employer(s) for the last two years. Copies must be legible.
  • Employment - name, address and phone number of employer(s) for the last 24 months
  • Retirement, social security, support, alimony - copies of award letters, checks and court support ledgers are acceptable proof of income.
  • Bank statements - statements for the past two months from each bank where you have an account.
  • 401K and/or IRA Statements - most recent statement (if applicable).
  • Investment Account Statements - statements for the last three months (if applicable).
  • Stocks and bonds - proof of ownership and value (if applicable).
  • List of all creditors - addresses, account numbers, monthly payments and balances owed.
  • Rent - name, address and phone number of landlords for the last 24 months, plus a signed copy of rental agreement.
  • Divorce decrees - legible copies, including any stipulations or modifications.
  • Signed federal tax returns (past two years) - only necessary if you depend on non-salary income, are self-employed or own rental properties.

Let us help you with the early processing of your loan. Click here to get started with your mortgage application or stop by any of our convenient locations and we will be glad to assist you.